Thursday, June 19, 2014

My First Huntsville Food Truck

A few weeks ago, my team at work got this idea that we wanted to go eat at a food truck. We checked Facebook and realized there was one that wouldn't be too far from our office. So we piled up in my boss' 4Runner and went on an adventure.

What we found was Crave Heat. A super cute bright blue truck with a giant gorilla painted on the side. After chatting with the guys who run it, we all made our choices. While we waited, we played some crazy video game on a TV built into the side of the truck. I tasted so many things and most of them were excellent, but here are the two that I'm still craving this many days later:

Fish Tacos-I'm a pretty big fish taco fan anyway, but these were exceptionally good. The thing that made them so awesome was the pineapple sauce on top. A little tangy, a teensy bit of heat to it (not too much people, trust me, I'm the biggest baby on the planet about spicy things). It was a wonderfully island-y combination
Quesadillas-So the tacos are more like an appetizer. If you want them, I'd get a double order. Or get three orders for two people. Just a little more than one order is perfect. After we ate our tacos and realized we were still hungry, we went back and got more food. Quesadillas this time. They are the opposite in portion sizing. One is PLENTY. Especially if you've already had an order of tacos. Cheesy goodness with delicious marinated meat. We just kept eating and kept eating and kept eating until it got embarrassing for everyone involved. And by "we" and "everyone" I mean me.

I can't wait to go to the Food Truck events downtown this summer! What's your favorite portable eatery in Huntsville?


  1. I have had one of everything on the menu EXCEPT fish tacos (because fish), and I think the quesadillas are the best value for sure! If they'd add a third taco the chicken tacos (angry style) would be my favorite though. The burritos are good but WAAAAY too big.

    But #1 on my list is nutellos. :)

  2. Also I volunteer to go with you for your next food truck review. Yum.