Friday, June 13, 2014


One of my favorite things about food is that there's always more to try. New flavors to taste, new ingredients to learn about, new recipes to try. It's never-ending in the best way possible. The vastness of it all means that if you cook a somewhat significant amount, you're going to have things that don't turn out to be your favorite. In fact, you may even have a complete and total fail every now and again. The kind you just throw out. Some of my most notable fails along the way include butternut squash soup (better known as the most expensive baby food ever made and immediately poured down the garbage disposal), mint and cream pasta (the flavors sounded so good in the cookbook but toothpaste would've been better on bowtie noodles). Oh and when I was 5 I tried to make soup with my cousin out of everything in the the door of my Nannie's refrigerator. She loves to tell that story.

But my most recent failure involves trying to get homemade flavor from a premade product. A few months ago, I made a homemade biscuit recipe out of one of my grandmother's cookbook. The kind you roll out and everything. They had 7up in them, which is bizarre to me but apparently its like a thing. Baking is NOT my strong suit, but they turned out great. You melted butter in the bottom of the pan you baked them in and so they were just soft buttery fluffiness when they came out of the oven.

This past week I wanted to take biscuits to a dinner with some friends, but I didn't have enough of all the ingredients to make those. I thought to myself, I bet the butter in the pan is what made them so special! Maybe I can just make canned biscuits and melt butter in the pan first! I knew they wouldn't be as good as homemade, but I thought at least maybe they'd be more exciting than old boring canned biscuits.


They weren't just not boring, they were gross. I don't know if there was some weird chemical reaction or something (I didn't really do that well in chemistry, my friend's mom was our teacher and asked me often if I was "sure about number 3" when I'd hand things in), but they tasted funky. Like I-checked-the-expiration-date-after-that funky. I ended up throwing an entire can of biscuits away!

What's your most laughed about epic fail in the kitchen?

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