Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I tried a new restaurant after Christmas called Pizza120. It is so fun! Foodie heaven! Rows and rows of ingredients to build your own pizza and they are all $7.99. Think Subway but not gross. I built a deliciously wonderful pizza and that price I felt no pressure to share a pizza and try to get what someone else wanted on it instead of what I REALLY wanted on it. I hate compromising about food or sharing small amounts of food #fatkidprobs Speaking of being a fat kid, just FYI I at my entire pizza. My friend only ate half of hers, so it's probably big enough for two normal people. But not for me. I'll need my own every time.

So you build your pizza, and then they bake it in 120 seconds! Flipping crazy! Also they have this machine that makes the dough perfect every time. It's worth a visit!
Artichokes, onions, bell peppers, pesto, and every single cheese they had.

What do you like on a pizza?

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