Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Frying a Turkey

I cannot TELL you how much I dreaded stopping at fourteen thousand places for Thanksgiving as a child. Mostly for one reason. Turkey. Blah. Baked turkey. Double blah. Dry, bland, opposite of delicious. I would've preferred deli meat turkey to be honest. And then..a Thanksgiving miracle happened. I don't know who told my grandparents about deep frying turkey but GOD BLESS THAT PERSON. Everyone who tries our turkey now loves it, and I request it multiple times throughout the year.

I decided to attempt this feat with no male supervision for a work party (I'm a very capable independent woman but in my family men do turkey. It's just how I was raised don't freak out)..I was nervous, but it turns out, it's really easy. We have a Char-broil Big Easy Infrared Fryer. It uses no oil, it just cooks it with lasers or something. I don't know science people but it's magic. No burns or house fires, that's all you need to know.  I chose to make a turkey breast which in hindsight wasn't good, because people couldn't stop eating it and I should've made the biggest turkey the fryer would hold instead.

My grandmother always preps the turkey so I observed her ways while she taught me what to do. All she does is rub it down with Tony Chachere's seasoing, and then we use a premixed jar of cajun injection stuff from Publix. She sprinkled a little Tony's in the jar first.  Don't be fooled by the word cajun, it's not spicy. And we all know I can't eat anything with more kick than ketchup, so you can trust me here.
You have to pull the needle out as you are injecting the liquid to get the mixture spread out.

If you can work a propane tank, the frying part is pretty easy too. Ten minutes a pound, or whatever your fryer's instructions say. Sorry I've just ruined all other turkey eating experiences for you, but not that sorry because it's going to blow your mind. Don't even get me started on how good the sweet cranberry sauce tastes with the spices on the turkey because I might decide to go fry one at 9:51pm on a Friday. Goodnight..if you need me I'll be dreaming of turkey.

Any food that you've totally revamped and now love? 

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