Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: 5 Minute Pizza

*This is from way back in the early blog days, on the old blog. March 2011. I don't even think they make this cooking cream anymore. Ignore how blah my writing is (this will just make you appreciate me more now) and just use soft cream cheese I guess. The result will be worth the boring instructions.

For the second week in a row I got that new Philadelphia Cooking Creme for 50 cents. BUT they were out of the original that I wanted. So I decided to try the Italian Herb and Cheese. Fast forward to a Saturday night where I've spent the whole day doing chores, and I'm way to tired to cook a big elaborate meal. I have a a pizza crust sitting on the counter, pizza sauce and mozzarella in the freezer and I thought, yep that's all I need. But of course, once I got in the kitchen..the urge to experiment hit. Here are the results!

One pre made pizza crust (I'm pretty sure I used Boboli)
Pizza Sauce (Think I use Ragu, but any will work)
Shredded Mozzarella
Philadelphia Italian Herb and Cheese Cooking Creme
Sliced Provolone
Store Bought Pesto
Few Slices of Yellow Onion

First I spread a thin layer of the cooking creme on the pizza crust with a spatula. Then I spread pizza sauce on top of that layer with the back of a big spoon, being careful not to press too hard and pull the creme through.

Next I put handfuls of mozzarella cheese all over. I had some sliced provolone in the fridge leftover from another recipe and I really wanted to use it, so I chopped up the slices and put them all over the pizza. Now you non veggie people, this is where the recipe ends.

But not for my half! I sliced up a little yellow onion and spread the pieces over my half. Not very much at all, just enough to give it a little flavor. Then I got a spoonful of pesto and let little drops fall off the spoon over my half. Then I just followed the baking instructions on my pizza crust! It literally took 5 minutes to prepare! And there was none leftover so I'd say it was well received!

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